The Reusable Shopping Bags You’ll Actually Want To Wear

International Plastic Bag Free Day

Plastic bags are the pits. You know it, we know it. Between their unsightly appearance, the handles that feel like they’re going to sever your hand on a full load of groceries, and the fact that they take hundreds of years to break down in landfills, it’s high time these relics of excess get kicked to the curb for good.

In Canada, where we’re said to use around three billion plastic bags every year, Montreal began practicing a ban on plastic bags this January. Victoria kicks off their official ban this month; and Nova Scotia is reportedly contemplating the same. (Pray that some shoppers won’t revolt in the same way some Australians have—with violence—as the country has begun enforcing their plastic bag ban in recent days.)

Mesh Reusable Shopping Bag
Courtesy of Popsugar

But what about convenience, a small (and unfavourable) voice may wail within you? While it’s true that plastic bags are handy for things beyond carrying groceries (dog owners, you know), a little change never hurt anyone. Besides, mesh bags are a total fashion trend right now—in case you require more convincing.

To help transition you out of plastic bags and into 2018, we’ve rounded up the chicest reusable bags we could find, that are both good for the environment and your wardrobe.

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Main photo: Emily Wraith (Shot on location at Tiny House Mama, Toronto.)