Living in This: The Knit Dress

Missoni Knit Dress

The knit dress may be all I want to be wearing all summer, but it’s also a garment that fills me with excitement and dread all at once. In theory, it’s the best. It’s retro, it’s timeless, it reminds me of what Sienna Miller might wear to take her kid to the playground or what a German blogger I admire named Claire might mix with a cowboy shirt and wear to the airport. ‘Im so easy, just throw me on,’ it says. But then you do, and realize that underwire bras are too formed for the slouch of a relaxed knit dress. ‘No bra at all!’ it screams! Typical boho. Nah, these boobs have breastfed, you reply, compromising with a now slightly too-small bralette.

Missoni Knit Dress buy

Get ready for curves! A knit-dress hugs every curve, which means if you’re like me, it’s time to break out the SPANX. Or not—you do you. Me, I felt more comfortable all sausaged in beneath the bold, tri-colour knit of my M Missoni dress, scored at a Winners sample sale (but this equally beautiful knit dress is now practically free at Zara, if this post has in any way inspired you to shop.)

Missoni knit dress buy

So if they’re such hard work, why do I still love the knit dress, you may ask? Well I like how easy it looks, I like how they’re not in-fashion but never out of fashion, I like how they remind me of the good ol’ 70s and the fact that they can be worn solo or mixed and matched with a bunch of other stuff you may have found at a vintage store or best of all, worn with cuffed white jeans underneath—the way I’m wearing it as I write this—putting the real ease in that easy dress.

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