The Granny Sweater Getting Me Through These Last Days Of Sprinter

As I write this we are exactly 17 days into spring and yet this morning it snowed like winter had too many drinks and missed all cues to go home. Now it’s sunny. That’s Toronto, making it nearly impossible for 99% of females to figure out what in the hell to wear on any given day. Enter, the hand-knit Granny sweater.

granny sweaters
Photos: Emily Wraith

Gigantic loops like Grandma was running out of yarn, yeah, that’s the one. Sadly I don’t have any living Grannies who could make me the real deal, but I did score this mohair little number at TNT‘s epic end of season clearance sale a couple of weeks back. Made by a Berlin-based company called Maiami (never heard of them either,) these luxury sweaters are obviously hand-knit and that’s what I love about them.

hand-knit sweaters

Doesn’t it just make you want to curl up with a five-minute journal? (Jks, that’s a prop.) But seriously, I first started becoming obsessed with the look of a Granny-knit sweater back when I wrote this story about Lonely Lingerie. New Zealand-based photographer Harry Were, as I learned (who is just so insanely talented) seems to have a side hustle—selling Granny sweaters. They are one-offs “hand-knitted in New Zealand by a few great women,” and Harry recommends not washing them for the best, stretched-out effect.

Hand-Knit Sweaters

This kind of slow fashion comes at a cost though. Hand-knitting, it turns out, doesn’t come cheap (unless you do have a Granny who knits, in which case, wheeee! You can finally take her up on that offer.) That’s why in this handy shopping carousel below I’ve included an H&M-er just in case your bank account doesn’t match your ideals—for now, positive thinking!